How to Be More Creative via Activities


Life has a way of throwing different obstacles towards you, and if you aren’t resilient, you will always find yourself thrown off your course. Such time calls for you to get creative to maneuver over whatever you must do.

For anyone that wants to get more creative, life can make it tough to do so with the daily routines and structures of adult life, contrasted to the carefree nature you had when you were a kid.

If you aren’t at your creative best, with a little bit of work you can get your creative juice flowing again. Whether you’re a visual artist working in different mediums, or someone who relies on creativity to get by, participate in activities that will fire up your creative brain from all angles.

  • Exercise on A Regular Basis

Exercise is not only good for your body but for your mind as well, yet a lot of people are lazy when comes to making it a ritual.

There is a connection between working out on a regular basis and mental capacity. When you exercise, you are helping blood circulation around the body. As blood circulates through the muscles and the cardiovascular system, it fires up the brain. You’re going to find that creative ideas start coming to you naturally.

  • Listen To Ambient Noise

Listening to music is great and all, but not always the best option for boosting creativity.

Studies showed that ambient noise that is found on the streets, in café settings, and other real world environment actually help increase focus and, in turns, with thinking outside of the box. There’s something to the café writers, artists, and among others who work within the confinement of coffee. It’s not so much as being there drinking coffee, but rather the productivity that comes from the ambience that is there.

  • Dim The Lights

The impression of increased lighting for better focus is not necessarily true. In terms of creating a setting that boosts creativity, you should dim the lights.

Dimming lights helps the mind channel itself with creative ideas and more. It’s simply one of the best options to consider if you’re experimenting with art of various types.

  • Make A Mess

Have you ever notice how a messy desk can help with sparking creativity? This is due to the chaotic nature that forces you to get creative to complete whatever you have to do as quickly as possible to get out of (or clean up) that mess and return to orderliness.

Many folks may not like this idea and some even would argue on it, but a messy desk can in fact improve productivity. Test it out and see if it works for you.


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