How to Track a Stolen Laptop


It shouldn’t happen to anyone, but unfortunately, it happens more often than you think. Someone steals your laptop, or perhaps you leave in a car and can’t figure out where it has gone.

Whether you’ve unknowingly left it somewhere or someone has stolen it, you’re going to find that tracking and recovering it may prove somewhat difficult to manage.

Don’t panic just yet. There are a few things that you can do to not only track, but also find your computer when it’s been stolen or misplaced.

For Mac Users

If you have a Mac, then you are going to have the easiest option moving forward. Mac users can use “FIND MY MAC” which is located in their operating system. You can set up the preferences within iCloud and leave them be. Once you lose track of the computer, you can use this program to literally find it. You can also have law enforcement know that somethings is awry.

Within this program, you can also locate the items via GPS. This works just the same as “Find My iPhone” if you used this before. Not only can you locate your Mac, you could also lock it and even erase it remotely. This is a simple solution for all users of Apple products.

For PC Users

For those that have Windows 10, you can take advantage of a new feature that comes pre-installed in the operating system. This is something that is going to help you track your computer when lost or stolen.

You will need to go to the setting “Find My Device,” and update your computer with a few security elements. Just change up the settings, and you’ll be able to track and locate your Microsoft devices via a account.

To do this, confirm your Windows installation, then go to This will let you know where your computer is at. This is similar to what “Find My Mac” does, but of course, it’s for Windows users.

Other Third-Party Options

There are several tracking software solutions you can purchase. If you don’t have a Mac or Windows 10 (or anything else), then you can definitely move forward with downloading a variety of these applications. Some even link your smartphone to your PC with relative ease. You don’t need these, however, if you have the current iterations of operating software.

In today’s modern computing world, you don’t have to worry about losing your computer or having it stolen, because finding it is a lot easier than ever.


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