How to Use Both Sides of Your Brain Equally to Do Things Smarter and Faster


Majority of folks aren’t aware they tend to have one dominant side of their brain, either the logical left-side or the creative right-side.

True, we do technically use a bit of both sides depending on the work required, but to maximize intellect and function, we need to act on them more than the simple occasions.

There are a few things that you can do starting today to get both sides of the brain firing off at 100%, and once you do, you will find that your life, mind, and body will change for the better.

With that in mind, consider the following to help you get to where you need to go, on an intellectual level.

  • Write Down New Ideas

Millions of new ideas are thought of around the globe, and yet many are lost. Don’t let this happen.

Whenever you have an idea, even if it seems dumb, jot it down for later. This is going to cause your brain to have a memory implanted, where you can refer back to it down the road. Hey you never know, you may have an idea that can revolutionize the world.

That being said, simply write down what you need to know, and make sure that you’re focusing on recollection.

  • Learn New Things (Take a Class)

Look to your local colleges, recreation centers, and city websites. You want to look for educational pursuits and take new classes in learning new things. This opens both sides of the brain for creativity, logic, and of course learning something new.

Whatever you don’t know, it can be taught. For instance, there are great benefits from learning how to dance. It requires you to be creative, memorize steps, and be social, as well as helps with staying in shape and keeping the brain active.

  • Do Something Creative (Draw, Color, etc.)

Get a sketch pad and some pencils, pens, or markers to literally just draw sketches, numbers, letters and more. Just do it!

Being an amateur is absolutely ok for you don’t need to possess any artistic talent. The goal is to enhance your brain’s creative side. Simply doing something creative for just a few minutes a day is enough to kick-start your spark of creativity.


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